About Cultivating Education

Who is behind Cultivating Education?

We are an independent teacher resource company dedicated to helping teachers cultivate positive educational careers and experiences. Mrs. Shannon White founded Cultivating Education as a high school science teacher with a Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry and a Master of Science Education in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Shannon has experience promoting positive learning experiences for a variety of learners within both title one and traditional school settings. Shannon is known for supporting other teachers in developing their science curriculum, classroom management, and professional development towards satisfying careers in education. 

What is our mission?

We strive to support and empower teachers to create the best educational climates for learning and teaching. We strongly believe teachers and students alike deserve the best educational experiences. The best experiences are not by chance, but are cultivated by educators that are dedicated, caring, and learned. Every resource is created to enhance teachers’ ability to grow professionally and reach all students they serve.

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